About Emily Owner/Instructor

My mission is to inspire clients to maximize their mind, body and spirit through the Pilates method. As a movement facilitator, I teach clients of every fitness level from healthy individuals to those with muscular imbalances and structural misalignment to move with confidence and comfort. I motivate my clients to work toward a balanced life style through healthy movement and healthy living.

Emily Jean Udelhofen is excited to be back in Sauk Prairie. Her dream was to open a movement center in small town bringing new forms of movement to experience. She is more than happy to be back in Sauk Prairie to work with the community she grew up in.

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Initial Consultation


A 50 minute lesson starts out with a discussion of personal goals, followed by a postural analysis and finished with basic Pilates exercises on the equipment.

From this, we will decide what the
best Pilates path is for you.

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New Client Package


Start off with a sound foundation learning the fundamentals while challenging your physical and mental Strengths

3 Private Lessons
1 Trial Group Class (mat or equipment)

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“I was never very athletic and worried that I wouldn’t be able to do the repertoire but after a few short months of Pilates, I could feel my body getting stronger, my posture straighter, my stress diminishing and my sleep improving. I found that I was actually pretty good at Pilates and with all the different movements, techniques and equipment such as the foam roller, reformer, ball, wunda chair, etc. it never gets boring and I am always challenged. I look forward to classes, knowing that it is MY turn to take care of myself which fuels my energy, both mind and body, for the whole week. I am so thankful that EJ Movement and Emily are now in the Suak Prairie area as my love for Pilates is sure to be life-long!”

Michelle A. Niesen