Emily Udelhofen here. Some of you may know me as Emily Schroeder, a 2004 Sauk Prairie grad. As a little girl I was more of a mover and shaker, and less of a sitter and reader. I was happy just to run around the neighborhood with my friends. From a young age, my parents exposed me to a variety of ways to move, from dance and gymnastics to soccer and tee ball. The dance and gymnastics stuck and I was pretty good at it. With my sister being five years older than me, I spent a lot of time watching her in show choir and on stage, so when it was my turn I was thrilled. From middle school through high school I lived and breathed music and performance.

When I wasn’t doing the required academics, you could find me in the music hall. Karen Luher and Susan Hallway played an integral part in who I am today. After high school, I thought I wanted to perform for a living so my parents (who were – and continue to be incredibly supportive and let me pave my own way) sent me off to college for musical theater. That didn’t last long as I quickly realized I wanted more stability in my life. So … long story short, four schools, one apprenticeship and a short college break in the middle later, I received a Bachelor of Science degree in dance from the UW – Madison in 2009, (GO BADGERS!!) along with my teaching certificate in Pilates through Core Dynamics in 2008.

Other important dates in my life:

May 2010: Married fellow Sauk Prairie High School graduate Steve Udelhofen
December 2010: Closed on our first home in the Sauk Prairie area
February 2011: I started teaching pilates in town.

My journey began teaching in basements of all places – on Tuesday nights in the homes of previous pilates clients, Michelle Niesen along with Maribeth Baker. Although our location has shifted through the years, we still meet every Tuesday night ever since.

I now live in the community I grew up in with my husband and two kiddos, own a beautiful pilates studio overlooking the Wisconsin River (the first of its kind in the Sauk Prairie area) and have more gratitude for the life I have built for myself than I know what to do with.