Emily Jean Udelhofen


As a movement facilitator, I teach clients of every fitness level from healthy individuals to those with muscular imbalances and structural misalignment to move with confidence and comfort. I motivate my clients to work toward a balanced life style through healthy movement and healthy living.

Emily Jean Udelhofen is enjoying living in the community she grew up in and has been teaching for over a decade. Her dream was to open a movement center in a small town bringing new forms of movement to experience. She has realized that dream for 9 years with EJ Movement opening its doors as the first wellness boutique studio in Sauk Prairie.

My mission is to inspire clients to maximize
their mind, body and spirit through the
Pilates method.

She started moving and shaking at a young age. Growing up she was a gymnast and a dancer. In January of 2006, Emily took her first Pilates mat class and proceeded to sign up for the Core Dynamics Teacher Training program through Marissa Lins at Madison Pilates. After close to three years of intensive study, Emily received her Certification in October of 2008. She has studied with Marissa Lins, Margarette Raymond, Virginia Nicholas as well as Michele Larsson.

Her love for Pilates comes from being able to work with all types of bodies. It allows every body (tall/short, wide/narrow, injured/healthy) to find balance of mind and body through movement. She has worked with many bodies from herniated disks to double hip replacement to avid runners. All have experienced the benefits of a stronger core, longer musculature as well as improvement in posture and balance. Emily plans to continue her work as a Pilates Instructor and Movement Facilitator.

She would like to say ‘Thank You’ to the Sauk Prairie Community for
welcoming her and her new business with open arms and open hearts!

“Pilates helps me to breathe, reflect and find energy to be a mom, wife and full-time employee. Emily is patient and cares about each individual’s accomplishments. She meets clients wherever they are in their bodies. She doesn’t push, but always challenges me to achieve more.”

Andrea Mauch