The Importance of Mobility Training in Fall and Winter

As the temperatures drop and the days grow shorter, maintaining our mobility becomes even more crucial. The fall and winter seasons in the Midwest often bring challenges that may limit our physical activity. But here’s why you should prioritize mobility training:

  • Preventing Cold-Weather Stiffness: The colder weather can lead to muscle tightness and reduced joint flexibility. We move less due to colder weather and shorter days. Passing the time by going outside and working in the yard or taking the kiddos to the park or on a bike ride shifts towards more sedentary activities. Engaging in regular mobility exercises can counteract these effects and help you stay agile.
  • Injury Prevention: Slippery sidewalks and winter activities can increase the risk of injuries. A mobile body is better equipped to handle unexpected situations and recover faster. We feel more confident on our feet when we have less aches and pains. Our body also has the ability to engage in counterbalance which is what keeps us from slipping and falling.
  • Boosting Immunity: Regular exercise, including mobility training, can strengthen your immune system. This can be particularly beneficial during the flu and cold season.