What is my membership?

You purchase a membership based on the number of times you come during a week. If you come 1x a week, you purchase the bronze membership. If you come 2xs a week, you purchase the silver membership. If you come 3xs a week, you purchase the gold membership.

How does my membership work?

You are billed once a month and classes are added to your account. You then have 45 days to use up those classes.

When do my classes expire?

You have a total of 45 days to use your classes. This will give you the freedom to go on vacation, participate in field trips, go to your child’s or grandchild’s program or get sick….

What happens if I run out of classes?

As a perk of the membership, you can purchase extra classes at the membership rate (instead of the drop in rate).

Can I cancel my membership?

Of course, we want to provide you with the best options for you. If it isn’t working out, you need to cancel 15 days prior to your renewal date either by going online or contacting EJ Movement via email. If you then want to reactivate your membership at anytime no problem, contact EJ Movement and we will get you started again!

What if something unexpected happens?

You let us know via email and we can pause your membership for up to 30 days twice in one year. You can reactivate your membership at anytime during that 30 days by simply contacting us.

Can I mix and match memberships?

Absolutely! If you come to 1 equipment class and 1 mat class a week, you would purchase the bronze membership for both. If you come to 2 equipment classes and 1 mat class a week, you would purchase the silver membership for equipment classes and the bronze for mat classes.​

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